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Characteristics of light distribution in studio
Jul 09, 2018

The main light energy renders the picture effect atmosphere, shapes the character image, achieves the modelling beauty the request, simultaneously the main light energy causes the main shadow, manifests the exterior shape, the surface structure and the texture. The main light can actually or superficially come from a local light source (such as day and night through the window, sunlight, lighting, etc.) or from an unspecified but acceptable luminous body. The role of the surface light is the same as the side light, is to eliminate the dead end of the screen, to obtain a positive overall illuminance, while mixing with other light, adjust the light ratio, reduce or increase the brightness contrast, so that the shadow of the face of the characters to get better texture performance.

Brightness contrast can form some night effects, such as the contrast small position low and can make the thinner face appears plump, also can eliminate some old person facial wrinkles. Auxiliary Light: Also known as subsidy light, secondary light. It is a soft light without shadow, used to adjust the light ratio, to weaken the rough shadow of the main light projection (to reduce the contrast between the bright part and the shadow part) and to express the detail of the dark side. Ideally, the light is best not to change the exposure, or create a messy shadow, or destroy the effect of the main light. In addition, the light should be the same as all lights, should be able to open in a separate, will not create obstacles to the image of the shadow or shape, strong secondary light is often used to compensate for the defects of the main light position caused by the improper appearance of the ugly or improper modelling. The auxiliary light also plays a cosmetic role in the screen, which is modified on the basis of the main light and the whole light, and the surface structure, stereo and space of all or part of the photographed body are processed.

In the halftoning configuration, his main role is to strengthen the large screen brightness interval and rich picture level, in color, deputy light color balance of the main means. Modified light is the original main light, secondary light, backlight and other basic light species determined, have a basic light effect, but because the character, clothing, props of the nature, color, shape different, but also need some subsidy of light, without affecting the basic tone of the basis of highlighting costumes and props characteristics, this light is called modified light. The eye light is through the reflection relations, in the character eye pupil causes a spot, causes the character to be radiant, the sentiment is lifelike. Because the host has no God is in the eye. With the eyes, to show the image of the feeling of expression, so the eyes light is very important. The positive side light in the character face forms the 75%:25% proportion, the ideal expression shows the character facial stereoscopic shape and the angle. The character is thinner can reduce the height, reduce the angle of the lamp, to the camera close, so that both the amount of rich performance; the character face is flat, can enlarge angle, make facial contour and stereoscopic level enhancement.

The physical deficiency of some subjects can be compensated by angle adjustment. The side light makes the character face to form the brightness of each half, highlight the figure forehead, nose and lip contour lines, resulting in obvious spot, so that the three-dimensional appearance of the characters are very strong, give a deep, resolute, powerful feeling.

In the news lighting often in the factory to workers cloth this light. The backlight and the camera are in the opposite direction, from the back to the subject to be photographed, this will be able to the foreground of the characters and background separate to foil the character head, shoulder, outline contour lines, highlighting the space between the main body and the background of the depth, so that the characters appear to be angry, not stiff, the screen is very translucent. Especially in close, close-up lens, can present a kind of halo in the light part, increase the image beauty. Therefore, when shooting objects, especially characters, basically the backlight. Counter-top light mainly foil the head neck and shoulders, sketch out the figure of the three-dimensional contour, with the stereoscopic, with the background separated, with a sense of space. If the character less side side backlight direction, can be in the character forehead, cheek on the formation of sharp spot, resulting in strong sunlight effect.

When the figure of continuous rotation and camera into a 90 degrees, it can be used as the main light to highlight the face of the three-dimensional lines, light than the use of appropriate, can give a strong sense of fortitude.

The background light is the synthesis of the scene light processing (that is, the background full light-environment and the Sky film, the main light, decorative light, contour light four kinds of light). The main task of environmental light is to show the time, place and specific atmosphere, foil the activities of people. The order and tone of the background play an important role in the characters, especially in the close and close-up of the characters, the background function of the set is returned to the second, while the role of the characters is highlighted in the background of the light tone.

Lamp set for cold light lamps: News and interview program lamps adopt the international most advanced three-color cold lamp, power low, color temperature stability.

Now the design of lighting layout has been able to meet the requirements of various types of program production, and reached the national jgj/t16-92 standard cloth light, and has advanced, practical, reliable, at the same time full-featured and diverse.