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LED Fill Light Use
Jul 09, 2018

LED lighting light up by small current-driven semiconductor devices are environmentally friendly products, energy consumption, high brightness, can be used for a variety of occasions.

For example, home indoor lighting, office lighting, night landscape background color lighting, road or block night lighting, as well as a variety of silver screen backlight to fill the light, photographed not only and so on. With the public security and traffic police to monitor the quality of the picture more and more high, so LED lighting is widely used in electronic police, card mouth, intelligent transportation, safe city, residential entrances, parking, and other monitoring items. The original used to capture the light HD snapshot of xenon lamp useful light intensity, the driver has an impact.

The LED light is relatively softer, so the xenon light will slowly be replaced by high-brightness led strobe lights. LED Lights for monitoring category: 1, LED infrared lights 2, LED white light light 3, LED strobe lights