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The principle of LED dimming lamp
Jul 09, 2018

A light that is commonly used to improve the surface of an object's front light. Complement the method. This kind of lamp is usually made of bright light-emitting diode (LED), it has the characteristics of stable operation, low calorific value, low energy consumption and long service life.

As for parameters, they are generally not clearly marked in this category of products. The so-called fill light is a specific light projection to the subject, direct or indirect access to the light to complement the purpose of a special lighting equipment. When used in the promotion of plant photosynthesis, is directly to make up the light, when to improve the environmental illumination, improve camera low illuminance, is a specific lighting to shoot the scene, so that the camera can be photographed to the quality of the picture, is indirectly to get the light to fill. The light source of the light is usually led, metal halide lamp, fluorescent lamp, high pressure sodium, incandescent lamp, tungsten, xenon lamp (HID) and so on.