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Appreciate The Kindest Positive Feedback From The Valued GVM Customer.
Sep 29, 2018

I'm a gaffer/camera operator for an independent film company who needs good lighting and equipment. These lights are amazing. If you need to light up a dark room create soft low romantic lighting or something in between then this it. I also like the mobility of the lights with the angles that can be achieved.I demoed the lights yesterday and I'm pleased with the results. We start filming our newest movie in October so that will be the big test. I recommend these if on a low budget.

Pros. Brighter than some larger 1000 LED panels costing five times the price. Sturdy build. Compact. Lightweight. Battery powered. And very cool to look at.

Cons. The light diffusers are larger than they need to be. Also, you cannot have the diffuser mounted to the panel and have it fit into the semi hard case provided. You have to disassemble the mounting bolts and diffuser after each use before the panel will fit into its case. We probably won’t use the diffuser since the panel even with NFP 970’s attached will now fit into the case. Not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to store the power supply in a pouch on the outside of the case. But, these are small things compared to the overall value of this light panel. Highly recommend.