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Comparison Of Flash And LED Fill Light
Oct 24, 2018

The camera flash is the top hot shoe flash. Of course, the cylindrical light that is hidden in the light box when you take the photo is also the flash. The flash is the most commonly used photographic light in wedding photography lighting and photo studio portrait shooting. One of their commonalities is also the biggest difference from the constant lighting, that is, the power will be much larger, and the color temperature deviation is small.

In terms of photography light quality, the light and dark of the led video light source can be adjusted at any time. The light source of the LED light is softer than the flash light, and it is not even necessary to install a soft light cover or a soft light umbrella light accessory when shooting. The light source of the flash has a large output power and the light is mostly hard light. Therefore, in portrait shooting, the flash is often shot by flashing (the head is flashing against the white ceiling and the wall), and for children under one year old. Direct flashing may affect your child's eyes.

The most widely used photography lighting is the LED video light panel and led studio lighting. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED video lights have a small advantage in terms of power consumption and color temperature. Compared with flashlights, the easy operation of LED video lights and the "visible to get" feature can make photography more Convenient, this is why more and more people like to use LED video lights.