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Difference Between LED Video Light And Flash
Oct 06, 2018

The flash is temporarily flashed; the fill light can be illuminated like a fluorescent light.

LED video light: The so-called fill light is a kind of light used to compensate for some lighting or equipment due to lack of illumination. At present, there are usually three kinds of fill light, one is the camera greenhouse fill light (also called plant fill light), the photography fill light (also called photography light or camera fill light), license plate fill light ( Also called white light).

The English name of the flash is Flash Light. The flash is also one of the ways to increase the exposure, especially in dimly lit areas, which helps to make the scene brighter.

Chinese is called "electronic flash", also known as high-speed flash. The electronic flash stores high voltage through a capacitor, and the pulse triggers to discharge the flash tube to complete the flash. The color temperature of a typical electronic flash is about 5500K, which is close to the color temperature of the daytime sunlight. The luminous properties are cold light type, suitable for shooting objects that are hot.

LED photography continuous light, insufficient brightness, shooting video, shooting photos with higher ISO and larger aperture and slower speed, photos may shake off, particles may not be delicate enough, may reduce the picture quality. However, compared with the ceiling light, the light and shadow effect of continuous light is immediately visible.