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Great Video Maker
Sep 15, 2018

Great video maker is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the integration for research, development the photography and video shooting lighting production,manufactur and technology service. Based on the strong strength of development and design, advanced smart led video light and perfect photography lighting support service group, GVM  video light manufactur puts all the efforts on the studio lighting, led video lighting, photography lighting kit, and dsrl camera slider accessories. 

GVM becoming  one  of  the  leading  manufacturers  for  professional  photography  equipments,  especially  in  the  business  line  of  LED  video  lights.  We  mainly  produce  studio  flashes,  continuous  lightings  and  LED  video  lights.  Among  of  them,  LED  video  lights  are  our  featured  products.  When  we  design  a  new  product,  we  always  considered  each  element  composing  a  professional  light  unit,  high  cost  performance  is  what  we  quested  at  most.  For  the  moment,  our  products  are  sold  to  Southeast  Asia,  Europe,  Oceania,  North  America  and  the  other  countries.  

Give  us  a  chance  then  you  will  gain  the  surprise!