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GVM 672S And 896S LED Video Lights
Oct 18, 2018

Performance comparison between GVM-672S and 896S.

Both lamps use a high color rendering index lamp with a color rendering index of 97+, close to the color of the sun. Give each photographer a better fill option and restore the most realistic shots.

GVM67S and 896S LED video lights, 67S with 672 lights, 896S with 896 lights, in brightness, 896 will be brighter than 672. The 672 uses a 60-degree angle lamp, the light will be more scattered, the illumination is not as far as the 896 video light, and the 896 photo lamp uses a 25-degree lamp bead, and the illumination distance is farther.

Both LED video lights have a wireless connection function that allows multiple lights to be controlled by one light. Moreover, the set light has a remote control, which is more convenient for colleagues to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light required for photography.

The high-quality aerospace aluminum casing has a stronger heat dissipation effect, better protects the lamp bead and prolongs the service life of the lamp bead.