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GVM LED Camera Light Review
Oct 16, 2018

I soo wanted to like the GVM LED Video Light, I purposely bought it for an outdoor event.

The good points of GVM video lighting.

Its very nice build quality, with the high quality aluminum alloy housing body, extremmly firmed,and  very bright (this is my only one but it seems really bright to me)

The "yellow" LEDs were less yellow then I thought from the pictures. I personally like the very soft yellow better than a yellow as it shows in the photos.

CRI97+ high color rendering index, Could not see any flickering at all. 

Power usage:

The GVM video lights uses with AC power adapter and also with the NPF battery mount. That is pretty good though for a device with an AC switching power supply attached. So its very convenience for indoor and outdoor photography shooting.

For me, I am going to try and use this for a lamp also. There are lots of good points for this: (1) there is no flicker (2) it can be very bright for a desk light. (3) brightness is adjustable (4) best of all I can choose the  bi color temperature(or softness) for each use.  GVM LED video light panel is a great. Very slim! I love the color of the LED bulbs. Easy to control brightness and color temps.a lot of light which makes it useful for a lot of different shoots. I definitely recommend GVM video lights.