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GVM LED On-camera Light
Nov 01, 2018

GVM LED Camera light features adjustable brightness from 10%-100% and adjustable color temperature 3200K-5600K. Easily change color temperature with filters and adjust the brightness to meet the shooting environment. High CRI95 color index, could achieve accurate color rendition and clear photographic images.

GVM led video light with battery level indicator and wide compatibility. The LED indicator on the panel light lets you know how much battery power is left. Battery can last up to 2 hours at maximum brightness. Powered NP-F550 series Li-ion battery. Perfect for all the DSLR or digital video cameras.

by the way, all of the gvm photography lighting with good heat dissipation. on each side of video light helps you solve the issue of heat and protect the equipment. The LED video light with carrying case is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, allowing you to change batteries while traveling. great for travel photography shooting.