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GVM LED Video Light
Nov 08, 2018

GVM LED video light is a multi-function LED flat-panel TV light mainly for video recording, micro-movie shooting and flat photography. It can support 3200k and 5600k color temperature adjustment to meet the different light requirements of shooting. The combination easily creates different light effects.

Most of the lamp body adopts the aviation aluminum shell material which is not common in the market. The outer casing is made of aerospace aluminum, which is durable and easy to carry. It has flexible transition and convenient shooting.

The biggest feature of aviation aluminum is that it has excellent heat dissipation, effectively and quickly conducts heat, reduces the temperature of the lamp body, and thus prolongs the service life of the lamp bead.

GVMLED photography lamp is equipped with U-shaped lamp holder design, which can rotate 360°, can adjust the pitch angle of film and television light, create multi-faceted lighting art effect, more convenient and more professional detachable aluminum light barrier, which is in actual shooting. It is quite practical, so that the angle of light is no longer limited and has more varied light effects. At the same time, the custom metal four-leaf light barrier protects the lamp bead from damage and can adjust the direction of the light source.

LED lamp beads are the most important components of video lamps, and the biggest feature of GVM high color rendering index LED video lamps lies in the lamp bead. The LED lamp bead display index is above CRI97, which is closer to natural light. All lamp beads have been rigorously tested to ensure high brightness, light decay, long life, balanced illumination, high color rendering, stable color temperature and no flash. This kind of lamp bead not only has high brightness, but more importantly, it has excellent color rendering performance. The color rendering index of GVM LED video lamp can reach 97 when the color temperature is 5600K. Such high color rendering index is in LED photography lamp. Extremely rare.