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GVM Led Video Lights
Oct 18, 2018

The gvm led video light is really a photography lighting for the photographers. Because these units were very high quality and useful. I was expecting them to look and feel somewhat . They don't at all! They're actually quite heavy; all metal - solid and substantial. They were well packed and protected by plastic bags and film. The directions were funny but contained what little information I needed to know before throwing the first switch. Every LED in both units lit brightly and I was pleased with the throw and the adjustability gained from the four LED banks switches.

This unit may have been redesigned since the review above. The barn doors close fine when the foam shipping protector is removed. They don't shut as flatly with the foam left in but I agree with the other reviewer that the LEDs are quite exposed, so I'm leaving the shipping foam in place during transport.

The led video light panel mounting is very clever. The mount fits nicely on a standard. There's an adjustment lever to allow the units to tilt in one plane. The mount attaches to the light using, what I would describe as, a big, beefy version of a hot shoe mount with a square plate on the end of a bolt, locking with a very large thumbwheel. The clever part is the square plate can be slid into a channel on any one of the four sides. And, it can slide almost the whole length of each side. Very, very versatile! I'll update this review when I've had more experience with the gvm video lighting.