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Oct 19, 2018

On the occasion of the 2nd International Photographic Equipment Expo, GVM Photography Video Light Company made a new upgrade in the content of the event, event promotion and interactive experience in order to enhance the participants' experience. In addition, in order to create a professional and authoritative industry platform, this year's event also invited a number of domestic and foreign photographers to sit on the jury, and also received strong support from many domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers and vertical media, which also makes GVM The launch of the photographic light brand event caused widespread concern in the industry and set off a wave of photographic equipment. After throwing a huge amount of rewards, GVM video light manufacturers let the product accompany the majority of users to tell stories, let the user remember a lot of wonderful stories through visual images.

    In the several poster pictures released by GVM, not only the excellent products of the first GVMLED photography lamp were displayed, but also a good analysis of the other meaning of the photography light series. It can be seen that a product, it is not only a fill light carrier, but also carries the photographer's thoughts and stories. As actor Huang Lei said: "The things that people remember most are remembered by the senses. They will remember a smell, a dish, a melody, such as a voice." Whether it is the ups and downs in the food, or the smiles in the photos, it is our sensory memory and our exclusive story. For photographers, they sometimes use the lens to measure the world, use the lens to look at a scene during the trip, use the lens to understand a piece of history, use LED video lights to record people's beliefs, and also use GVM LED camera lights to convey a culture. Passing a spirit of loving photography.