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GVM RGB Led Video Light
Nov 01, 2018

GVM RGB led video light features high quality Bicolor cold and warm LED’s in addition to Red, Green and Blue LED’s that mixed together create a vibrant colored light that can be used as background for photography and video as well ambient lighting to represent special emotions. The special effects will help you get the perfect scene for advertising, movies, sports and party events.

The RGB vibrant full color and color cycling mode you can create impressive light painting photography using only the Ice tube light; Move around the light while the camera is set to long exposure and get amazing artistic light painting photos.

Thanks to the built-in lighting special effects the RGB ice light can provide a variety of different scenes such as strobe, lightning, fire, disco, cinema screen, police siren etc. On set or on location the RGB video light can empower you with the tools to stimulate your imagination.

The RGB video light can be handheld or be mounted in a light stand; The power adapter or lithium battery power supply options give you the flexibility to use the RGB video light everywhere you may need it, perfect for indoor as well as outdoor shooting where power options are limited.