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GVM Soft Led Video Light
Nov 05, 2018

The GVM soft led video light replaces the traditional three-primary cold light, adopts advanced design and processing technology, and the exterior is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. It is designed with modern and popular line appearance to make it look neat and beautiful. With LED display control DMX coding and lamp body function selection, built-in anti-interference circuit, its structure is perfect, built-in electronic adjustment bulb brightness, you can adjust the brightness of the bulb at any time. Applicable to TV studio news studios, virtual studios, conference rooms, academic lecture halls, electric classrooms, etc. where professional shooting is required. And the bulb has a strobo function, which can be used in dance halls, discos and nightclub performances.

The GVM soft led video light is made of high-profile LED beads, CRI95+, Bi-color temperature. Suitable for micro-movie, wedding scene, still life, portraits, baby and other special shootings 1. Multiple cooling holes to extend working life; 2. Color temperature, brightness independent knob design, stepless adjustment; 3. Double color temperature fill light, create choice Wide-ranging shooting atmosphere; special light guide plate and imported LED, providing soft light, excellent eye protection effect, especially suitable for recent photos, baby, need to look directly at the camera; 4. Display 95, high color reproduction, so that Your shooting and post-production are more efficient, and you can add your hands.