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HD-18S Photography LED Ring Light
Nov 05, 2018

GVM HD-18S LED ring light is an LED bi-color temperature ring light with smd light beads. It is a professional professional light-filling artifact. It can be used in the following scenes: self-timer live video/beauty fill light/portrait/still life shooting. Product highlights: dual color temperature, 3200K-5600K flexible conversion color temperature, 0-100% adjustment brightness. Suitable for lamp holders, I-frames, freely adjustable, convenient and fast. Equipped with mobile phone self-timer, freely adjustable, horizontal and vertical camera can be placed at random for self-timer live broadcast. With a make-up mirror, you can apply makeup at any time for a perfect look. A variety of power supply methods, light and portable, suitable for live video / beauty fill light / portrait / still life shooting. Provides soft light, excellent eye protection, especially suitable for close-up, baby, need to look directly at the camera; 4. Display 95, high color reproduction, make your shooting and post-production more efficient