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High Color Rendering Index CRI95+ LED Lamp Beads
Sep 17, 2018

The ability of a light source to develop an object is called color rendering, and is a comparison of the appearance color of an object with a reference to the same color temperature or a reference light source (incandescent or painted). The spectral content emitted by the light determines the color of the light source, but the same light color can be made up of many, a few or even only two monochromatic light waves, and the color rendering of each color is also very different. Light sources of the same color have different spectral compositions, and light sources with a wider spectral composition are more likely to provide better color rendering quality. When the source spectrum has little or no main wave reflected by the object under the reference source, the color produces a significant color shift. The greater the degree of chromatic aberration, the worse the color rendering of the color by the light source. The color rendering index coefficient (CRI) is still a common method for defining the color rendering of light sources. The 5500K white light is the 100 index. Others are not 100 as long as it is not white. The deeper the color, the lower the index.
All GVM led video lights use high quality lamp beads with a color rendering index of 95+. The color of the CRI95+ high color rendering index is closer to the color under daylight, and the neglected color level is perfectly presented in HD shooting. High quality color is a vital pursuit in both current and future shooting.
All LED lights in the series provide users with more realistic and efficient photographic and video shooting fill light solutions