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How Many Kinds Of Photography Lights
Oct 27, 2018

The indoor led lights is used for the photography shooting. The main led video light and the sub led video light are generally only one photography lighting. See how you use the two principles of the led photography lights. Spotlights and led video lights For the duration of the flash and the studio continuous light source, there are many subdivisions for the warm and cold light sources. Which kind of friend do you want to know? Follow-up: Want to know what are the public lights? Mainly the role Answer: Flash as the name suggests is the instantaneous brightness output, you must use it indoors. Do not explain. Used to darken the background color when shooting outside. For the theme fill light effect continuous light source. Such as the commonly used movie lights, tungsten lights. The brightness is super high, and the led video light source is not output instantaneously like a flash. You can see the shooting more intuitively when shooting. In addition, there is a flash that comes with the body and a video lamp that can be used for. Although the power is small, it is easy to carry. These are the lights that the public often use to show off led video light.