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How To Choose A Photography Fill Light
Oct 22, 2018

The main light can render the atmosphere of the picture, shape the character, and achieve the beauty of the shape; at the same time, the main light can cause the main shadow, showing the external shape, surface structure and texture. The primary light may actually or otherwise be from a local source (such as day and night, sunlight, light, etc. through the window) or from an unspecified but acceptable illuminant. The effect of the surface light is the same as that of the side light. It eliminates the dead angle that is not illuminated in the picture, and obtains the full illumination of the front side. At the same time, it is mixed with other lights to adjust the light ratio, reduce or increase the contrast of the brightness, and make the shadow of the face of the person get Better texture performance. The brightness contrast can form some night scenes and other effects; the low contrast small position can make the thinner face look full, and can also eliminate the wrinkles of some elderly people's face.

Auxiliary light: Also known as subsidized light or secondary light. It is a kind of soft light without shadows, used to adjust the light ratio, reduce the rough shadow cast by the main light (reduce the contrast ratio between the bright part and the shadow part) and express the details of the dark side. Ideally, the secondary light preferably does not change the exposure, or creates a messy shadow, or destroys the effect of the primary light. In addition, the secondary light should be the same as all the lights, and should be able to open without affecting the shadow or shape of the picture. Strong side light is often used to make up for the ugly or inappropriate shape caused by improper positioning of the main light. . The secondary light also plays a modification role in the picture, and is modified on the basis of the main light and the total light to process the surface structure, the three-dimensional and the space of all or part of the object. In the tone configuration, his main role is to enhance the brightness interval in the large picture and enrich the picture level. In color, the secondary light is the main means of color balance.

The modified light is the basic light, such as the main light, the secondary light, and the backlight, and has a basic light adjustment effect. However, due to the different nature, color, and shape of the characters, costumes, and props, some subsidized light is needed. The characteristics of clothing and props are highlighted on the basis of not affecting the basic tone, which is called modified light. The eye-light is to create a light spot on the pupil of the person's eyes through the reflection relationship, which makes the characters look good and the feelings are realistic. Because the host has no gods and gods. With the eyes, you can express a sense of image, so the eye light is very important. The positive side light forms 75% of the face of the person: 25% of the ratio of light and dark distribution, which ideally shows the three-dimensional shape and angle of the face of the person. The thinner character can reduce the height, reduce the angle of the lamp position, and approach the camera, so that both of them get richer performance; the face of the person is flat, which can increase the angle and enhance the facial contour and the three-dimensional level. Through the angle adjustment, it can make up for the physiological deficiency of some subjects.

The side light makes the face of the person's face form the brightness of the light and dark, highlighting the outline lines of the forehead, nose bridge and lips of the character, causing obvious spots, making the three-dimensional shape of the face of the person be very strong, giving a deep, firm and powerful feeling. In the news lighting, the light is often distributed to workers in the factory.

The backlight and the camera are in the opposite direction, and the subject is illuminated from the back, so that the foreground character and the background can be separated to highlight the head and shoulders, outline the outline, and highlight the depth between the subject and the background. Make the characters look angry, not dull, and the picture is very bright. Especially in close and close-up shots, it can present a halo in the light part, which increases the beauty of the image. Therefore, when shooting objects, especially people, there is basically no backlighting. The reverse top light mainly highlights the head neck and shoulders of the character, and outlines the three-dimensional outline of the character. It has a three-dimensional effect and is separated from the background to have a sense of space. If the character has less lateral side backlighting, it can form a bright spot on the forehead and cheeks of the character, resulting in a strong sunlight effect. When the character rotates continuously and the camera becomes 90 degrees, it can be used as the main light species to