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How To Choose Camera Slider
Oct 09, 2018

The camera sliders are derived from the track.

Camera slider be said to be a necessary tool for film and photography shooting.

Both film and television dramas and promotional films require tracks, mainly for follow-up.

Usually we see "walking and talking", most of them are taken by the camera slider track.

But the problem with the track is that it is too bulky and inconvenient to carry.

Especially when video shooting indoor lenses, it is very inconvenient.

So later launched a small track, also known as "table track."

The video slider rail is small in size and easy to carry, and has become a weapon for shooting.

The small rails look simple, just a slider on the motorized camera slider.

It is ok to slide the camera on the slider.

But in fact the use of slides is not that simple.

Let's first look at how the glide works.

Some friends said, this is also used to say that from the device can be directly seen, is to let the camera move to video shoot.

With the flywheel as a damping, the video slider can move smoothly.

The camera will not be paralyzed, and a smooth and stable picture will be taken.

So if the small slides are not reliable, it is not necessarily your level.

The greater probability is that there is a problem with the small rails.

If you use a camera slider without damping, it is actually difficult to shoot a stable lens.