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How To Choose The Led Video Light
Nov 02, 2018

LED video light irradiation distance is related to the number of LED lamp beads and the brightness of a single LED lamp bead. Common LED photography lights use two types of LED lamp beads, one is a high-power lamp bead, and one photo lamp requires only a few LED lamp beads. The illuminance requirement can be achieved, and the other is to use a small lamp bead with a diameter of 5mm. The power of a led video light lamp bead is small, and a large number of lamp beads are needed to meet the illumination requirement. When you need to look at the application, you can usually take about 5 meters when you shoot some close-range images. If you need to shoot a distant view, you need a concentrating LED camera that needs long-distance illumination through a condenser lens. There is also an LED camera light that directly uses the spotlight bead), which can be taken farther, but the spotlight also has its disadvantages, that is, the object that is illuminated is a light spot, just like a flashlight, the middle is very bright, the surrounding is dark, like Stande 5023A SLR camera fill light This type of LED photography fill light, using two-color temperature LED lamp beads, the entire subject is very uniform brightness, the illumination distance is farther, making the work more perfect.

Color temperature LED lamp color temperature is about 5000k, warmer, there are 6000k or so, some cold, this can be purchased according to your preferences.