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How To Use LED Photography Lights
Sep 18, 2018

The LED lamp used for photography is mainly used for filling light. Pay attention to the illumination distance, color temperature and volume when using.

Irradiation distance: When shooting close-range images frequently, it can generally reach about 5 meters. If you need to shoot a distant view, you need a concentrating LED camera light that needs long-distance illumination, through the condenser lens (also directly using the spotlight) Bead's LED camera light can be taken farther, but the spotlight also has its shortcomings, that is, the object that is illuminated is a light spot, just like a flashlight, the middle is very bright and the surroundings are dark.

Color temperature: GVM LED video light color temperature has a color temperature of 2000K-6800K, high color rendering index of CRI97 or more, closer to the sun, to provide more color choices for professional photographers to help you restore the photorealism.

In terms of portability, some mini GVM LED photography lights will also introduce a variety of different sizes of shooting lights to provide you with a more thoughtful service experience.