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Illumination Angle Of LED Camera Lamp
Jul 09, 2018

The camera light has an effective angle of illumination, about 60 degrees to 80 degrees, if the angle of exposure is too small, the camera will appear black edge. If the angle of illumination is too large, the light efficiency will decrease.

Therefore, the production enterprises will be in accordance with this standard selection led, requires led to meet the angle of exposure requirements. For example, the choice of LED light irradiation angle 60 degrees, if the lamp distance of 2 meters, then the LED will be in 2 meters to form a diameter of 2.3 meters of light range. Of course, if the angle of exposure can be adjusted better.

For example, the illumination angle of the LED camera lamp is adjusted between the range by means of an additional device.

The smaller the illumination angle, the higher the light intensity.

Which Bl-hd80 is able to adjust the angle of illumination between 60 degrees to 100 degrees of the camera lamp, the use of wide-angle lens to the angle of illumination to a large angle, with a telephoto lens when the angle of irradiation to small angle.