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LED Camera Light
Nov 16, 2018

When making video photography , there are many times when the photographer kneeling area cannot meet the demand due to the video light. Not only that, but also when faced with the teaching of recording and broadcasting.

GVM LED video light will share with you an artifact lamp that is specially suitable for the teaching of mu teaching, recording and broadcasting teaching, etc.

GVM led video lighting has introduced a variety of specifications for this occasion. Let's briefly introduce the led on camera light series today.

This luminaire uses high color index LED lamp beads with a diameter of 5mm. It has a long service life and the shell is made of high-strength polycarbonate engineering plastic. It has high strength, high toughness, no deformation, wear resistance and impact resistance.

Working voltage DC7-15V, rated power 7W, standard color temperature 3200K-5600K, of course, in order to meet the needs of many occasions, can be converted to 2000K-6800k through the color filter to meet the needs of multiple occasions.

The color rendering index is 97+. If the illuminance is 1M, the range is 500lx. It can be dimmed by the 0-100 knob. It is very suitable for micro-classes.

GVM led video light series is designed to adapt to a variety of occasions, and has been designed with a variety of power supply methods. all of the video light panel can be powered by two NPF battery, also comes with the AC power adapter which is suitable for most occasions.

More convenience for your photography.