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LED Photography Fill Light Tips And Development Prospects
Sep 26, 2018

GVM LED video lighting products are cool, lightweight, cost effective, and of course brilliant. All  LED lamp beads are in high color rendering index 95+ and spot on color temperature for rich, accurate colors. They are built to last with all metal construction for years of dependable use.

In the outdoor evening, sunrise or light in the light,

You must use the fill light to get the perfect portrait photo lights. If a general flash light is used as the fill light source, the ambient light will be insufficient due to the excessively large area of the scattered light. Professional photographers lighting generally use 3200K-6500K LED photography fill light as a concentrating fill light source. This color-temperature adjustable concentrating LED studio light is projected, and the theme will be uniformly adjusted according to the shooting intention. The background is darker and more natural. Because the color temperature and led video light ratio are different, it is a lighting technique that is often used in outdoor photography. Photographs taken by this method are generally called LED photography lamp fill light type photos.