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LED Photography Lighting Instructions
Oct 19, 2018

When the video is taken, the main and auxiliary lights are determined by the photographer. The main lamp power is larger than the sub-light. As for the choice of photography products and brands, the GVM LED video light is the leading photographic equipment on the market. Whether it is heavy product performance, design, quality, sales, and customers at home and abroad, GVM LED video light board is a reliable product.

GVM photography lights are recommended, the majority of photographers can learn more, more about GVM company and product information can be viewed on the official website of GVM, website: www.gvmvideolight.com. I still recommend using GVM LED video light set, set light Fully equipped to better meet your different photography requirements.

Indoor multi-light portrait shooting

    Indoor multi-light shooting, also follow a principle, that is, there is only one sun, and more lights, only play a role and auxiliary role, only one main light. Regardless of how the lamp position changes, the main lamp is the key to the entire shooting.

    When using 2 lights, one is definitely the main light and the other is the fill light or the auxiliary light.

  When using 3 lights, one is used as the main light, and the other two are used as fill light or auxiliary light. The light is better than the control, and the model level is more abundant.

 When shooting indoor multi-light portraits, you need to pay attention to the following three points:

    1. According to the shooting needs, you can use a soft mask, a reflective umbrella or a honeycomb cover as an accessory for softening light.

    2. Due to the unique characteristics of the digital photosensitive element, the stereoscopic effect of the picture will be weakened. In actual shooting, the contour light is used as much as possible to enhance the stereoscopic effect of the picture.