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LED Studio Continuous Lighting Sources
Oct 29, 2018

LED studio Continuous lighting sources are widely used in video photography shooting because they can illuminate the subject for a long time. In recent years, LED video lamps can be said to be a sudden rise in the studio continuous illumination source. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, there is no small advantage in terms of power consumption, color rendering index and color temperature. Relatively low prices are gradually being used by users. accept. In fact, not only in the field of led video shooting, LED photography lights can also be used in the shooting of still photos. Compared with the flash, the advantage of the continuous light source is that it can get the light and shadow effect that you need more quickly, and the shooting is easier and faster. In view of the miniaturization of continuous illumination sources and the wider application range in photo shooting, the number of LED photography lamps in the domestic market is becoming more and more abundant, and more and more manufacturers are developing and producing LED photography lamps. GVM Company from has launched a number of high-performance and wide-ranging GVM brand LED photography lights in the past two years. These products are characterized by accurate color temperature, high color rendering index and high power. Now we have tried the GVM-480ls led video light series and the slim and lightGVM 520S LED video light series.