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Photo Studio Lighting Equipment Requirements
Oct 20, 2018

In our daily work and life, photo photography often requires the assistance of a photographic fill light to create a more moving visual effect. The visual satisfaction is not enough only by the amount of light. Even with the brightness required for the performance, all the intentions of the performance cannot be fully and correctly expressed. It is necessary to subtly align light according to the situation to make the performance behave correctly. This requires not only the amount of light but also the quality of light.

GVM LED video lights can better meet your needs. More advanced film and TV lights, with wireless connection function, especially suitable for studio photography lighting, through the reasonable use of lighting, to get different levels of lighting directional three-dimensional effect, modeling lights can make the performance area change level, or strong and solemn It can also be elegant, but it should avoid too much diffuse light lacking brightness contrast, but it seems sleepy, the direction is not too strong, to prevent the shape of the board, the narrow beam of light to obtain too much shadow, the image Interlaced and messy and dilute the beauty of the shape.