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Photography Lighting
Nov 15, 2018

The photographic light is called the art of light. It takes a long time to play. In addition to the basic camera skills, if you want to make a big sensation, you can't do without the arrangement of lights. Light is the most important condition for photography. There is no good light. Even if the SLR is stunned, a good cloth can make a completely different photo even with a mobile phone. Maybe you have used all kinds of large lights in the studio. Maybe you have only touched the top flash and the external flash. These require you to have a very deep knowledge of photography and lighting, because they are not WYSIWYG, even if you are very skilled. It is also necessary to take a test shot to determine the effect; but another type of constant lighting can achieve the WYSIWYG effect, the speed of the cloth is faster and the focus is easier to achieve, and it is easy to achieve when shooting at high speed.

Nowadays, the LED flash is not only energy-saving, but also has a small heat. It can also be carried in a small size and is easy to carry. A plurality of photographic lights can get a very good shooting effect. Today I want to introduce you to a smart LED photography light with superb design, ultra-portable, adjustable brightness and color temperature, then GVM video Light, this is GVM's first photography light product GVM LED video light in photography The photos that can be taken are more textured and beautiful.

Of course, the best is natural light, but unfortunately, as long as the natural light of two periods is very short, and can not be seen every day, after all, the rain and fog are often the main theme.