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Photography Lighting Equipment Manufactuer
Oct 31, 2018

LED photography lighting equipment, their price or product performance is very powerful. Available on: www.gvmvideolight.com ,The main products are: LED video lights,led on-camera lights, photography lighting, camera slider, studio accessories, and other camera accessories, all products are Passed the EU CE certification and ROHS certification. At present, GVM photographic lighting equipment has become one of the enterprises in photographic equipment industry with rich types of products, high technology content and fast research and development.GVM Photographic Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. began to produce photographic equipment products in 1993. It is a comprehensive photographic equipment enterprise integrating product development, design, manufacture and sales. Through the continuous efforts of gvm people, GVM photographic equipment has developed into one of the competitive and influential brands in the domestic photographic equipment industry. The products have been sold well in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan for many years and are well received.

GVM LED video light fill light is the most satisfactory place for us. There are two points, one is its accurate color temperature and high color rendering; the other is its simple operation, easy to get started, and the continuous light source output can satisfy most users' shooting supplements. Light demand, can be used for daily video shooting, can also be used for still photo shooting fill light; and its u-shaped bracket, wireless remote control design can make shooting light more easily, "what you see is what you get" shooting effect Previewing is an irreplaceable advantage for users who often use the camera's live view function. For photographers who like video camera, still life, portrait shooting, GVMLED camera light fill light is undoubtedly a good assistant for photography fill light, so that your photography works are full of highlights.