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Power And Luminous Intensity Of LED Camera Lamp
Jul 09, 2018

There are many types of LEDs for lighting, ranging in power from 1/20w to several W to dozens of W, working current from dozens of Ma to thousands of MA. Its power and luminous intensity is proportional to the power of the larger led, the higher the luminous intensity. For example, 20 0.05W LED lights equivalent to 1 1W of LED lights. 3 1W LED lights are equivalent to 1 3W LED lights. Of course, the same power LED lighting intensity differences, different production enterprises, the difference in light intensity is greater, 1W LED lights about 70-100lm between. Most manufacturers only nominal LED lamp power, no indication of light intensity. The light intensity of a good led3w is higher than the average led5w. Of course, the price is also relatively higher. For example, the BL-HD80 camera light only has a 5W LED light, its power equivalent to 80 small power LED lights.