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Scene Of Use Of Photography Lights
Oct 25, 2018

1. When shooting, it is rainy weather, or the shooting site is in the interior of the building, the woods are such a serious shortage of light, in order to better highlight the main body, express the texture of the person's skin and clothes, or in order to obtain a safe shutter speed, you need the led video light.

When photography shooting, the sky is drizzling, and the light is used to fill the characters, so that the character's texture is better.

The photography lighting increase the brightness of the characters, and the eyes of the characters are eye-catching.

In a car, if you don't use a flash, the character's subtle expressions won't be clearly expressed.

2. When the character is in the backlight position, the face and the background form a large light ratio, and the light needs the studio lighting. Human eyes have a great degree of tolerance. When you see objects with strong contrast between light and dark, you can generally identify the details of the light and dark parts. The dynamic range of digital camera imaging components (CCD or CMOS) is much narrower. If the dark part is exposed, it will "high light overflow", the highlight part of the photo loses the detail, and the piece is dead white; otherwise, if the bright part is exposed, the dark part detail will be lost. In order to avoid such a situation, it is the only way to reduce the light ratio between the two by filling the light.