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Some Common Sense Of Photography Lighting
Oct 22, 2018

1. In the photography lighting , if the character's activity range is relatively small, such as the teacher sitting in front of the podium and standing up to lecture, you can use a main light to illuminate two active parts; thus, the light projection direction is the same, the background has only one shadow, see The scene is more uniform and more realistic.

2. If the character has a large range of activities, such as the teacher needs to go to the middle of the platform to patrol the students, to the board on the podium, to operate the media for demonstration, etc., two or more lights must be used for the main light illumination. Lighting different parts of the light, not only pay attention to the connection of light, so that the activities of the characters are smooth and soothing, the picture is unified, but also pay attention to not let the light affect each other and weaken the picture effect.

3. When the filming of the teaching feature film is on-site, due to the large shooting range and the relatively small number of lamps, the lighting personnel can follow the different positions of the person and the scene. Of course, this is also the case when shooting large-scale events, such as shooting theme classes, celebrations, etc., but be aware that when shooting the same feature film, the distance and orientation of the lights and people, the scene should be as consistent as possible, so that the main light effect Consistently, the style of the educational video is unified.

LED studio lights, also referred to as auxiliary light, refers to an auxiliary ray that is led video light panel in a shaded portion that is not directly directed by the main light. The secondary light plays a role in adjusting the balance of the video picture, because it is auxiliary light, and often uses softer light. The ratio of the brightness between the secondary light and the main light affects the contrast between the light and dark of the picture, affecting the video effect, and the ratio of the light ratio is not fixed, depending on the specific situation. The light ratio is different for the environment, scenery, and characters.