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Studio Lighting Design
Oct 23, 2018

In terms of led video light: the surface of the studio lighting is generally flat, so try to avoid the primary projection on the host. Because the blue box reflects light on the shadow, after being processed by the computer, the shadow will be eliminated by the blue cancel circuit of the color key, thereby affecting the image quality of the foreground (host) of the output. The led studio lights is recommend adding GVM LED video light, because if it is used improperly, a logical error in the projection environment may occur, and an inconsistency between the actual light source and the virtual light source may occur. In addition, the secondary projection produced by the primary source on the blue box can also affect the image processing of the computer.

Backlighting: The led video lighting is that the backlight is stronger than the main light, which highlights the vivid outline of the host and enhances the spatial stereo. Virtual studios must pay attention to the proper use of backlighting. Too strong backlighting makes the blue box floor white and destroys the consistency of the blue box color, which affects the computer indigo effect; the secondary projection of the foreground on the blue box ground will also affect the computer image processing. Without backlighting or backlighting, the foreground (host) is stuck on an electronic background, which is very rigid. Therefore, the rational use of backlighting can well reflect the relationship between people and scenes, thus enhancing the sense of depth and enhancing the three-dimensional effect.

Sidelight: Photography studios must add photography lights. Because the color key in the virtual system uses a blue cancel circuit, the blue tint reflected by the blue box on the edge of the host's clothing will be removed by the blue cancel circuit, and the exiter's edge will be black. Therefore, side light must be added to eliminate the blue component on the edge of the host's clothing.

Dispersion light: Try to avoid the influence of the reflected light from the host's costumes and the refracted light generated by the transparent props on the blue box. The highlights on the blue box will cause foggy images on the background part of the composite image.

White balance: Pay attention to avoiding the effect of blue box reflected light on white balance. If the white balance is not well adjusted, the mask signal level will be low and the foreground object will be distorted.

Photography studios are new, but their applications are bound to expand. Studio lighting staff must continue to learn, summarize, and carry out technological innovations based on traditional lighting theory in order to adapt to new TV production requirements.