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Studio Lighting Layout
Oct 23, 2018

In the photography shooting , we can set a led video lighting , so the whole scene has only one main light source. Because the guests are sitting in different positions, different light effects are formed in different guests; some people are front light, some people are 30 degrees side light, and some people are reversed through the wall. The effect on the guests. Of course, the led studio lights between the spotlight as the main light and the soft light as the auxiliary light needs to be considered by the lighting designer. In the studio lighting design where the "virtual lighting method" is applied, although the light of each person in the picture is different, the light of the entire scene is uniform. In this way, the picture image will naturally produce some changes, just like a beautiful piece of music, there are high places, there are bass, short sounds, long sounds, smooth and smooth, pleasing to the ear, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.

As in the news or other single host's program, you can use the GVM led video light to virtualize a scene. The morning program can imitate the clear light of the morning. The evening show can imitate the light of the night. Even in the same scene, you can design different lighting effects and use them for different times.

In virtual studios, the "virtual lighting method" has the widest range of applications. Because the background and environment of the virtual studio are virtual, and the characters are also active in the virtual scene, the lighting design of the characters must be done strictly according to the virtual background environment. The light of the character, regardless of direction, strength, hardness, color and range, must be consistent with the light effect of the background environment. This way people and scenery can be integrated into the picture, otherwise it will look very ridiculous.

When lighting, first use the astigmatism light or the light of the three-color soft light to cover and smooth the blue box to form a base light. Then use a low-power spotlight to hit the characters. In addition, the position, brightness, softness and direction of the spotlight need to be based on the virtual background of the computer. Of course, the studio lighting engineer can also negotiate with the computer who is doing the virtual background to add or remove a light source on the virtual background, so that the lighting is in agreement with the video shooting lighting effect of the studio lighting, and thus achieves some artistic effect.

With the development of TV technology, the minimum illumination required by the camera is getting lower and lower, and the number of lamps used is also decreasing. The light effect of the digital TV picture is getting closer to real life. Therefore, the application of "virtual lighting method" in digital TV program production will also be more and more. I believe that one day, led video lighting designers can simulate and reproduce the colorful light effects outside the studio in the studio.