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Studio Lighting Use Way
Oct 26, 2018

1: highlighting the texture, when photography any product - especially when shooting metal or linen, the texture is extremely strong, the reasonable use of light is the most direct and violent practice, but also the most basic effect of using led video light, strong texture Being able to easily attract and impress the audience is also the most important way to enhance the beauty and appeal of the product. Highlighting the texture is also the foundation of all subsequent creative steps. Each of the subjects in a complex and creative product promotion map is inherently textured. A subject with no texture, no matter how rich the background and foil you add, this picture is also unattractive.

If the texture of the product is strong enough, the product will be attractive even without any creativity or foil. The way to get a strong texture is that the photographer chooses the led video light angle, light ratio and light receiving area according to the characteristics of the product, so that the material characteristics and angular level of the product can be reflected.

2: The purity of the picture and the precision of theled studio lighting. In addition to the special creativity, in the general product photography lighting, the subject should be pure and independent. The pure picture subject should be flawless (can be decontaminated through the early stage and later repaired). No gimmicks (very easy to appear in the surrounding environment or photographer reflections when shooting high-reflective or mirror products), the direction of light is uniform, the primary and secondary are distinct (the immature photographers are prone to light when using complex lighting) Unclear, the problem of light clutter), and the accuracy of lighting is reflected in the brightness and darkness of the product (the led video lighting range of each lamp is properly controlled, the place should not be bright), the light is selected correctly (light quality) Soft to what extent, from what light position), metal or glass on the hook edge beautifully (precise control of black card size and angle, hook is not too big). These are all important points to improve the completion of the product map. As I said before, all the light can be heard from you, and it is only natural that this is done.

3: Control of picture quality Photographers often use high-sensitivity and high-shutter shutters outdoors, as well as large apertures and zoom lenses, which are stable and controllable in order to adapt to the rapid changes in the outdoor environment. The studio, you can choose low-sensitivity, fixed focus, best aperture, tripod shutter line and many other means to ensure the quality of the picture. The high image quality not only provides a large-format output for the finished product, but also provides a large amount of space for the later stage. The use of light for image quality is to increase the brightness of your light, so that your picture is in high brightness or even overexposure without overflowing, so that you can avoid increasing the exposure in PS in the late stage. . After all, the late exposure will not cause loss of picture quality (no overflow), and increasing exposure will cause extremely serious damage to the picture quality. This is the common "exposure to the right" principle. High picture quality is also essential for product photography. A good product image should be clear and sharp, and the main body is complete. When a single depth of field cannot accommodate the main body, photographers often choose the "focus synthesis" method. Let the subject clear the whole process.

4: Before the rendering of the picture atmosphere, the pure and strong subject is the core component of product photography. However, to enhance the appeal of the picture, sometimes it is not enough to create a perfect product. The arrangement and accompanying of the scene also requires a clear and reasonable lighting