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The Best Choice For Your Photography Lighting
Oct 13, 2018

I use the GVM led video lighs pretty much every day and really like them, Being able to adjust the lights between 2300K-6800K and also the intensity of the lights is a nice feature. Using the light diffuser panels with the longer standoffs gives softer lighting that works well for evening out the photograohy lighting in the office environment where I do the majority of my videos. I am currently running the lights on batteries, I purchased the Powerextra Sony NP 970 8800 mAh batteries and get enough juice to run the lights pretty much all day, nice to not have to plug in the lights in and eliminate more cords running across the floor. The only negative is the stands, pretty flimsy when they are fully extended and you're using two high capacity batteries on the lights, After I brushed up against and knocked one of the lights over I adapted the lights to fit on the top my outdoor photography Lightweight Tripods, Much more stable, The stands are adequate if your using the AC adapter and not using batteries.