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The Difference Between LED Lights And Three Primary Lights
Oct 17, 2018

The three primary color lamps are also called three primary color fluorescent lamps or three primary color cold lamps, and the three primary color lamps are lamps that emit light by using lamps of three colors of R (red), G (green), and B (blue), generally emitting light. The color has a relationship with the color temperature of the lamp, and has the characteristics of soft illumination, uniform brightness, no stroboscopic, high visibility, low power consumption, high voltage resistance, and no electric heat disaster.

The difference and connection between LED lamps and three-color lamps, we have to say that the term "LED three primary colors" has been misleading. First of all, the word LED three primary colors is actually very contradictory, because LED and three primary colors are two A completely different kind of substance, it can be said that LED is used to replace the three primary colors.

In the case of relatively close power, 2M illumination, it can be seen that the LED lamp is equivalent to twice the size of the three primary color lamps, so in the studio, the use of the conference room lighting, LED is more energy efficient.

 How to understand the LED and the three primary colors, here Xiaobian distinguishes their relationship by the following points:

  1 The elements of the self are different, the LED is a light-emitting diode, and the three primary colors are made up of a mixture of phosphors of three primary colors of red, green and blue;

 2 LED lamps are naturally dimmable, while trichromatic lamps are controlled by ballasts, and dimmable ballasts can be used for dimming;

  3 signal transmission is different, LED lamps transmit DMX512 digital signals, while three primary color lamps transmit analog signals, digital signals are more intuitive and controllable than analog signals;

 In summary, LED and three primary colors are completely different concepts, and LED lamps and three primary color lamps are completely different. Compared with traditional thermal light source tungsten lamps, LED lamps and three primary color lamps are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. The cold light source lamps are just more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the LED lights.

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