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The Difference Between Studio Lights And Camera Light
Sep 14, 2018

The overhead light is usually an artificial light source commonly used by amateur photographers because it brings great convenience to photography. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. First look at the dome light index. The flash intensity of different types of flash lamps is different, and the effective range of illumination is different. So the flash index is very important. The larger the general index, the greater the power of the flash and the farther the illumination distance.

2. The function of the dome light. Today's flash function is very powerful, not only can achieve front and rear curtain sync flash, but also has multiple lights, strobe and other functions.

3. Adjustable angle of the ceiling light. The flash head can be moved up and down -7 to 90 degrees, and the left and right 0 to 270 degrees adjustment is a very necessary function, because the reflected flash is the most commonly used flashing technique.

4, the performance of the top lamp. There are two types of flash units, special and general purpose. For special purpose, just plug the flash and use it for TTL metering. Just look at the "hot shoe" on the camera's flash socket. If there is more than one contact on it, it is such a camera that can be used with it. For cameras with only one contact or only a flash socket, only universal ones can be used. Of course, there are two types of manual and automatic, which can be selected as needed.