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The Difference Of LED Camera Lighting Effect
Jul 09, 2018

All lighting has the center light intensity higher than the edge of the phenomenon of light intensity, LED camera lights are no exception. It says that 60 degrees a single led at 2 meters distance of the light range is about 2.3 meters in diameter of a circle.

And the light intensity of the center point must be higher than the edge. If the camera light is made up of multiple LEDs, is it softer and more evenly lit? Let's analyze it and we'll see. Each LED light is projected at 2 meters in diameter 2.3 meters of light range, multiple LED lights will overlap the light (of course, must overlap, otherwise it will exceed the effective range). Because multiple LEDs are not in the same position, the lighting range does not overlap completely. If, a number of LED camera lights to the left and the far right led distance of 100mm, then 2 meters in the range of light generated by the distance is also 100mm. Such A plurality of LED lamps produce a diameter of 2.3 meters in the maximum range of illumination without overlapping position only 0.1 meters, so its light effect and a single LED is basically consistent, many LED lights of the center point overlap, many LED lights edge and edge of the light overlap, forming a more than a light almost completely overlapping the range of light, the result of the same as a single LED lights, does not exist The phenomenon of more uniform illumination. bl-1300p led as many as 1296, this kind of lamp can not do nose lamp, as a film and television lamp is more appropriate.