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The Use Of Led Video Lights For Photography
Nov 13, 2018

The LED video light used for photography is mainly used for photography filling light. Pay attention to the illumination distance, color temperature and volume when using.

Irradiation distance: When shooting close-range images frequently, it can generally reach about 5 meters. If you need to shoot a distant view, you need a concentrating LED camera light that needs long-distance illumination through a condenser lens (also directly using spotlights). Bead's LED camera light can be taken farther, but the spotlight also has its shortcomings, that is, the object that is illuminated is a light spot, just like a flashlight, the middle is very bright and the surroundings are dark.

Color temperature: GVM LED video light color temperature is about 2000k-5600k, warmer, there are 6000k or so, some cold, color temperature can be adjusted and corrected by manual white balance of the camera.

Volume, weight: GVM LED video lights will be easy to use when considering portability.