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Time-lapse Photography
Oct 11, 2018

Time-lapse photography is also called Time-lapse photography, also known as time-lapse video. It is a shooting technique that compresses time, and is now often called time-lapse video. It shoots a set of photos or videos, and later compresses the process in minutes, hours, or even days and years in a short period of time by video. In a time-lapse video, the process of slowly changing an object or scene is compressed to a short period of time, presenting a strange and fascinating sight that is usually undetectable by the naked eye. Time-lapse photography can be thought of as a process that is the opposite of high-speed photography. Time-lapse photography is often used to photograph urban landscapes, natural landscapes, astronomical phenomena, urban life, architectural manufacturing, and biological evolution.

The process of shooting time-lapse photography with a machine is similar to making Stop Motion, which combines a single still picture to get a dynamic video. Long-term timing freeze time shooting. Also known as low-speed photography or timed freeze photography, "time-lapse" photography. Timed, intermittent recording and reproducible means of slowly changing the scene with significantly varying images. For example, the opening of a flower bud takes about 3 days and 3 nights, that is, 72 hours. Take one frame every half hour, record the slight change of flowering motion in sequence, take a total of 144 frames, and then show it at the normal frequency through the projector (24 frames per second), and reproduce 3 days in 6 seconds. The flowering process of the night.