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Types Of Photography Lights And Use Way
Sep 21, 2018

1 Photography lights can be divided into two major categories: led video continuous light

2 The flash is generally indexed enough and the exposure is sufficient. Each studio flash consists of a flash gun and a modeling gun. The modeling light can see the final light effect in advance. However, because of the power problem, the effect of the modeling light and the final flashing effect will be different. The flash can also be used with the GVM led video light and second generation and gvm rgb video light, such as the top flash and the flash softbox kit, but this type of light has a low index and no stereo preview.

3 There are two types of still light boxes and yellow light red headlights in the continuous light. There are many types of subdivisions. The disadvantage is that the index is slightly lower than the flash, but you can see the final light effect intuitively.

Summary: In fact, if you shoot furniture, the index is not too big, but you should mix the light, the top of the machine or the studio flash, the large soft box, the sulfuric acid paper, and the large piece of sulfuric acid paper in the light without the help. Between the furniture, look for yourself, because the shape of the furniture is different, the light is different, and the characteristics of the furniture are expressed. Don’t have big shadows and highlights.