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Video Light And Flash Light Function And Applicable Occasions
Oct 06, 2018

In addition to the compact flash, the high-power LED lights have gradually matured, and after improving the color temperature and color rendering, the LED lights have become one of the optional light-filling devices that are easy to carry.

However, the use of high-power LED lights with flash, application areas, lighting thinking, there are still many differences with flash. It's not just the difference between a light source and an instant light source.

First of all, you can first look at the intensity of light, which will affect our soft light, light quality scheme and application.

Portable LED photography lights, In actual measurement, in a low-light environment, generally 1M-2M Shooting portrait intervals, camera settings , can probably improve the exposure of two levels. That is, it is a safe shutter that allows the 1/8s shutter to come to 1/30s.

In the all-black environment to do metering, according to the flash shows that the LED video lamp, the working output is still smaller than the 1/128 output of a high-power flash lighting.

That is to say, the GVM LED video light is still only suitable for use in a low-light environment, do not expect it to have obvious effects in the sun.

In the low light, if you want to save the air in the scene environment, instead of using each local area as a shed, the ratio is small and uniform light. At this moment, LED shoot lights can come in handy.

There are of course many details in practice, such as the direction of light, the scale of light control, and the control of light quality. For photography light source with two levels of operating space, this is still a battle.

Regarding the use of high-power LED video lights, my first claim is to use it as a part of the overall lighting scheme, especially in low light, it will perform well. But don't think about relying on it alone, the flexibility of the flash and the scale of its use are still significantly larger than it.