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What Kind Of Led Video Light Panel Is Best For Filming Shooting ?
Oct 26, 2018

What kind of led video light panel is best for filming shooting ?

This topic must be a professional type, because the lighting is indispensable for the composition of the crew, and its importance is self-evident.

If a film crew asks what kind of led photography lighting is most appropriate on the Internet, then the crew must not be large-scale, so I only recommend the GVM led video lights,the price will be higher. but quality also the best. The first thing to do is to decide what kind of studio lighting to use based on the environmental requirements in the script. For example, there are more night scenes in the script, which means that you need to use the moonlight imitation. First of all, there must be a light above 6800K for ambient light, because the color temperature value is blue. That is to say the cool color. Blue color temperature paper is also added according to the specific effect requirements to achieve the desired color of the light source. If the script suggests that there are more dramas in the day, but the indoor light is obviously unable to meet the shooting requirements, then this time you need a 2000K light, which is close to the warm light of the sun.

The gvm led video lights of these photography shooting lights is representative of the color temperature, and it does not matter the wattage of the light. The crew usually chooses to use about 50 watts of light. For small crews, this configuration is sufficient. So what about the most suitable lamps? According to the personal shooting experience, generally only four lights are needed, one as the ambient background light, one as the side light, one as the eye light, and one as the fill light, these are the most basic way of lighting. . Of course, the quantity of the led video light panel also needs to be adjusted according to the script's prompts.