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Why Do We Need The Photography Light
Nov 09, 2018

GVM LED Video Light, improved the light environment of the scene, let the light conform to our ideas and make photos that are more in line with our expectations.

When we understand the second LED photographic light application scene, we will find that the application scene of the photographic light has become richer. When the color of the light is not good or the color is not good, when the direction of the light is wrong, when the light quality is not good, when the other light in the lens is too bright, we can improve or completely change the scene environment by illuminating the light. .

By using LED video lights, we can not only make light, but also know light more efficiently. Through artificial light, we can quickly simulate the effects of various natural light, discover the characteristics of light, and recognize the laws of light. In order to be more convenient in the selection of the framing position and the selection of various filters.

To sum up: the funtion of the led video light:

1. Increase the amount of light entering the camera in low light conditions and enhance the sharpness of the photo;

2. When the light does not meet the expectations of photography, create some light to improve or change the light environment and enhance the photo effect;

3. Help photography to more effectively understand the characteristics of light, so as to better use the natural ambient light besides the photography lights;